Hiboy C1 Folding E-Bike


Are you tired of crowded commutes and polluted environments? You may not use a suitable mode of fun for an exciting travel experience. Whether you are interested in electric bikes or seeking one to give to someone on special occasions, Hiboy electric bikes and scooters have always been a smart choice for all individuals like urban commuters, leisure riders, and environmentally conscious people. 

Hiboy has been serving consumers who value stylish design and innovative products for years. Now, if you are looking for a convenient, comfortable, and personalized way to travel, the Hiboy C1 electric bike is here to level up your travel and rides, adding joy and fun to the regular commute. Stay tuned to explore its specs and features.

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Product Name C1 Electric Bicycle
IP Rating  IPX5
Input Voltage  100 to 240v AC
Output Voltage DC42V 1.5A
Maximum Charging Voltage  42v
Rated Voltage 36v
Unfolded Dimensions  129 cm x 109 cm x 50 cm (62.6 inch x 42.9 inch x 19.7 inch)
Maximum Speed 20 mph{32KM/h}
Pure Electric Riding Dist. (Load 230lbs] 21.7 miles {35 KM}
Pedal Assist Riding Dist. (Load 230lbs] 43.5 miles {70 KM}
Max Angle of Climb 20%
Variable Speed 3-speed modes
Frame Material High carbon steel
Seat Material  Nanotechnology leather 
Rated Capacity 7.8 AH
Wheel Motor Rated Power 350 W
Wheel Motor Maximum Power 648 W
Tire  Pneumatic tire 14 x 2.125
Recommended Age 16 to 50 years 
Maximum Load 105 kgs (230 lbs)
Net Weight  22.7 kgs (50.1 lbs)
Charging Time  5 to 6 hours